Fund analysis

The results of our qualitative research and fund analysis have appeared twice a month since 2001 in the subscription market newsletter “Der Fonds Analyst”. In addition, since 2012 we have been chosen as partners to the financial magazine “Capital” for studies in quantitative fund analysis into fund managers that generate added value through their active management. We constantly sift through the German fund universe and continuously put strategies and their managers to the test.

In the future... too can benefit from our years of expertise and experience. Are you looking for funds that are truly active and, above all, managed successfully and therefore stand out from the crowd? Do you already have a fund in mind and would like to know how this particular fund differentiates itself from its peer group over various periods?

To sum up: don’t waste time on long and wearisome searches for managers whose activity creates real returns, because we provide you with customised analysis that are comprehensive and transparent! Details coming soon to this spot.