Single funds:

All the single funds of Greiff capital management AG are based on unique investment strategies with special expertise. We aim to offer hand-picked investment solutionsbased on the high capabilities of our fund managers. We currently offer exposure to various fund strategies i.e. event driven equities, volatility driven , multi-income or thematic equity strategies.

Fund of funds:

The allocation of our fund of funds is based on the conviction that a portfolio of active fund managers can generate more added value than index funds. To do this, it is a prerequisite that suitable fund strategies are found. The basis of the manager selection is a fund study developed by Greiff capital management, which we publish in collaboration with the finance magazine, "Capital". Our knowledge of successful fund managers and strategies is implemented in three different mandates. The range of strategies extends from liquid alternatives via multi-asset funds to promising Equity-oriented investments.

Fund analysis and research:

The results of our qualitative research and fund analysis have appeared since 2001 twice a month in the subscription market newsletter “Der Fonds Analyst”. In addition, since 2012 we have been a partner to the finance magazine “Capital” for Studies in quantitative fund analysis. The annual Greiff-Capital study on fund management activity examines over 5,000 investment funds in more than 20 peer groups. The winners of the study are published in the finance magazine, "Capital".
In 2018 we brought together our research capabilities at the Greiff Research Institute.